We Men of Ash and Shadow

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We Men of Ash and Shadow takes us through this remarkably fascinating underworld of crime and survival, showing the darker side to the human experience, but also carving out a path to possible redemption. It’s a brilliant debut from a new author to the grimdark scene’
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‘There was a thin line between control and chaos. At least the people that Vanguard killed were real criminals. Perverts, rapists, and murderers – nobody would lose any sleep over their deaths. Vanguard never did.’

Amidst the gas lamp shadows former soldier-turned-mercenary John Vanguard hunts criminals at the behest of his corrupt employer, Captain Felix Sanquain. Shamed by his deserter past and seeking to make amends for his many misdeeds, a chance encounter with Tarryn Leersac – a skilled young would-be-assassin fallen from the graces of high society – leads Vanguard to become an unlikely mentor.

Charged with hunting down the killer of two guards left washed up on the banks of the canal, the further Vanguard delves into the underbelly of the city the more he finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and lies. A prominent aristocrat is missing. Crime lords, con men and harlots run amok and the city teeters on the brink of another revolution.

With his already precarious reputation hanging by a thread, Vanguard must piece together how and why the last war came to pass, find a way to earn redemption for his mistakes and come to terms with the past in a city where few survive, and even fewer can be trusted.

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HL Tinsley is the pen name of professional blogger and creative writer Holly Tinsley.

Based in the UK, she is a published author of Fantasy, Gothic Horror and Grim-dark fiction as well as a regular contributor to gaming, TTRPG and pop culture websites and blogs.

Her work has been featured in Horla Magazine online, An Hour of Writes and by the British Fantasy Society journal ‘New Horizons’.

Between 2019 and 2020 she had over twenty articles published in the UK, Cyprus, Scotland and Australia covering everything geek-chic from board games to movie releases. She also serves as an editor for her regional talking newspaper, a non-profit initiative bringing local news to the visually impaired.

Her debut novel – ‘We Men of Ash and Shadow’ is available now.

HL Tinsley

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